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The Beach, Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesdays were Sam's free day during the week, the one day where he had no classes or library work with which to occupy himself. So, by the time the afternoon rolled around, he was very happy that he'd made plans to hang out with Peter, and was grateful that the weather was nice enough for them to take a walk down by the beach.

[For Peter.]

"Dean is immune to all puppy eyes but mine anyway," Sam said with a smirk. "It wouldn't do any good."

"Ditto Nathan," Peter said. "Though you do your best."

Sam smiled at that, and fell silent for a moment. He hadn't noticed how close he'd gotten to Peter until he felt their arms brush together, but even when he realized it, he didn't bother moving away.

Noticing the quiet, Peter looked up at Sam. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just..." Sam stopped for a second in front of Peter, trying to put his thoughts in order before he started talking. He wanted to thank Peter for spending so much time dealing with him lately, more than he ever had before, but every way he thought of saying that sounded stupid in his head. And it probably didn't help that he'd put himself close to Peter, like they'd been when Peter was showing him his invisibility.

Words were completely failing him, his stomach was getting that weird feeling it had been getting more and more lately, and Sam was only barely conscious of the idea to act instead of trying to speak, before he leaned in and kissed Peter.

Peter... totally had not expected that. Fandom was a place of many wild and wacky things but Sam kissing him out of seemingly no where had not be on the list.

Peter knew that as Sam's friend he should pull back, keep Sam from continuing to do something that would only cause regret later.

But, damn it, Peter really wanted to kiss him back. Which he did, in no hurry to bring the moment to a close.

It was the feeling of Peter kissing him back that snapped Sam back to reality, made him realize what he was doing, and made him start to pull away. "Oh my god," he said. "Peter, I--I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

Peter instinctively went to hold Sam's arm to keep him from pulling away. "Sam," he said, still not sure that he'd somehow stepped out of reality and hadn't found his way back yet. "Did you want to do that?"

Sam had had enough late night, fleeting thoughts of kissing Peter that he knew he couldn't say no, but he couldn't bring himself to look at Peter as he nodded. "But I know you don't," he said. "I know that, that's why I'm sorry."

Peter had been holding on to a time-delayed panic. It was going to kick off with the words "I can't be an experiment to you, Sam." and would go through all the jagged peaks and valleys of the emotional aftermath until Peter ended up, alone, on Nathan's couch and telling himself he was never going to go outside ever again.

But the look on Sam's face and the sound of his voice provided the answer to the question Peter hadn't asked yet. Which was Peter's second surprise of the night.

Sam's, perhaps, was Peter muttering "Idiot" and using that hand on Sam's arm to pull him close so Peter could kiss him again.

Sam had been trying to figure out what Peter's reaction would be as he waited for him to say something. He was expecting yelling, or at least annoyance, to get pushed away or have Peter walk away. So when Peter pulled him into another kiss, Sam was too surprised to do anything at first.

Then it all clicked. He'd told Peter what he wanted, and he knew Peter well enough to know that he wouldn't kiss him if he didn't want it too. He wanted it too, Sam realized, and this time, it was Sam who kissed back.

"So help me if you're teaing me, Winchester," Peter murmured. He didn't break the kiss much to do it though. Breaking the kiss was the exact opposite of what Peter wanted to do right now. Or ever.

"I'm not, I wouldn't," Sam murmured in reply. He didn't want to break the kiss either, because when they did, he'd have to think about what they were doing. For once, he just wanted to act and leave the thinking for later.

"I know." Because Peter wouldn't be doing this if Sam was the kind of guy who acted like that. But, just in case Sam wondered, Peter added, "Me neither."

Sam wasn't sure what Peter was thinking, but he wouldn't have expected teasing either. "I know," he said quietly, catching his breath for a moment before kissing Peter again.

Okay now this needed to be deeper. Because Peter wanted it and Sam wanted it and Peter wasn't the type to discourage closeness with anyone. So he reached up to try to tangle a hand in Sam's hair and let the kiss become whatever it wanted to.

Sam was surprised by the noise he made when he felt Peter's hand in his hair, and he kept his thoughts away for a little longer by putting his hands on Peter's hips and kissing him a little harder.

Harder was good. Peter liked harder. He let Sam know it with a light scrape of teeth and a flick of tongue. But now, amazingly, he regained that part of himself that was Sam's good friend, as well as... whatever this was going to be. Probably because Peter felt more confident that conversations about this were always going to be present and future tense instead of past.

So Peter pulled back - just a little, not letting go of Sam by any means - and said, after a pause in which he tried to find words that weren't catastrophically stupid and then giving up because pretty much anything would be, "I would've done that even if you hadn't promised to keep me company tomorrow."

Somehow, it was hard for Sam's thoughts to stay too serious after that, and he laughed softly as he smiled at Peter, putting a bit more distance between them so he could think more clearly.

"I didn't think you'd want to," he said. "Although, that was kind of a nice reward."

"Could do it again sometime," Peter suggested. Not that he was thinking of naming times, or wondering if Sam had class tomorrow.

"Yeah, we could," Sam agreed, and the realization that they could, and that they both wanted to made him both excited and nervous.

"Doing anything tomorrow?" Peter asked. Since hey, why not?

"Um. Hanging out with you?" Sam replied with a smile. "I've got class in the afternoon." And he was going to have to find Dean at some point, because there was no way he could be calm about this once his brain started working again. "But uh, there's nothing that says I have to come over right when the shows start to watch TV with you, right?"

"Right," Peter said. "Say dinner? Chinese?"

"That sounds good. It's--" Sam stopped himself for a second, trying not to sound as uncertain as he suddenly felt. "It's a date?"

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