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From the dorm to 16 Unicorn Street, Saturday Evening
When Sam first made his way out of the dorm, his intention was simple: protect the island from whatever had decided to invade this time. Right around the time he slipped his knife back into his jacket and started using only his abilities to fight, his intention became protecting the island from whatever had decided to invade this time while practicing using his powers. Then, right around the time his gremlin kills hit double digits, that first part went away, and all that was left was the practicing.

Sam was still more angry about what had happened to Peter than anything else, but he'd been repressing his anger lately, not wanting to scare his friends. Out here though, there was no need for repression. The gremlins were a threat and they needed to be dealt with, so there was nothing holding him back, nothing keeping him from practically tearing the gremlins apart as he made his way to Zoe and his dad's house. The more he used his powers, the more anger he got out, and by the time he'd reached the house, his head was throbbing in pain in time with his heartbeat. Still, he almost felt better than he had in a while, and that was nothing to complain about.

Zoe and John had been doing a pretty good job of securing the house, so when Zoe heard something approaching the front door, she was almost hoping for a gremlin looking for a fight. She'd gotten to shoot so few things today that it was kind of sad.

Sam let his head rest against the door for a moment, enjoying the way the cool material felt against his forehead, before he straightened himself up and knocked on the door.

Zoe was almost certain that the gremlins wouldn't knock, but she still peered outside to check before opening the door. "Sam? What the hell are you doing here?"

"I wanted to make sure you guys were okay," he said. "Can I come in? I don't really want to hang out out here."

Zoe didn't really want to keep the door open either, so she stepped back just enough for Sam to get inside. "Yeah, come in. You look terrible."

Sam slipped in and let her shut and re-lock the door, and he almost admitted that he felt pretty terrible, but that would have been letting out more than he wanted to. "They're in the dorms," he said instead. "The gremlins. I don't know how they got in, but they're all over the place."

Zoe swore sharply and sighed before motioning to the couch. "Sit down, I'll go get the first aid kit."

"You don't need to--I just wanted to check in and then get back out there," Sam said, eyeing the door.

"Did you honestly think you were going to come into this house, bleeding all over the place and I'd just let you back out?" Zoe asked.

That thought had actually crossed Sam's mind, but he didn't think he was hurt that much. He brought his hand up to his neck, where one of the gremlins had managed to reach and scratch him, and sighed when his fingers came back with traces of blood. "The cuts aren't that bad," he said. "They're not deep and I can get a bandage later."

"Or, you could stop arguing with me and sit the hell down," Zoe said, trying to make it clear in her tone that he wasn't going to win this one. "Your nose is bleeding too," she added, before going to grab the kit.

Sam swiped his fingers under his nose and was embarrassed when he found more blood. He hadn't gotten hit, so the only cause he could think of was whatever had earned him his headache.

"I got hit in the face," he said quickly, not wanting to have to explain the headache, or how he might have gotten it. The idea that he'd overdone things somehow, or pushed himself too hard for too long, were thoughts he wasn't going to focus on right now. That would mean not fighting once he got back outside, and that wouldn't work at all.

"That must have been a very tall gremlin," Zoe remarked as she came back in, with just a hint of sarcasm. "What part of 'sit down' did I not make clear?"

"Sorry," Sam said quickly, going over to the couch. "It kind of jumped me. These gremlins are really fast." That, at least, wasn't a lie at all.

"Not faster than I can shoot," Zoe said, sitting down beside him and getting out the antiseptic. "You could have just called, you know. You didn't have to risk coming all the way over here."

"I didn't come out just to come here," Sam admitted. "I wanted to take out some of the gremlins too, and not just in the dorms."

"And get yourself beaten up in the process?" Zoe asked, getting some of the antiseptic on a cloth and pressing it against Sam's neck.

Sam winced at the sting of the medicine, especially since it felt like Zoe was applying a little more pressure than necessary. "I didn't plan on getting beaten up. Trust me, the gremlins look a lot worse. What's left of them, anyway."

Was she pressing a little too hard? She couldn't imagine why she'd be compelled to do such a thing, aside from feeling like Sam was lying to her. "You're not being reckless?" she asked, handing him another piece of cloth.

Sam took the cloth and wiped at his nose, trying to get the blood off of his face. "No," he said, although his pounding headache suggested otherwise. "What are you implying? Everyone else is out there hacking and slashing away too, it's not just me."

"But not everyone is my stepson," Zoe pointed out. "Especially my stepson who's prone to going out and looking for a fight."

"I don't do that," Sam said, and snapping at her might not have been the best idea right now, but he couldn't really help it. "In case you haven't noticed, the fight is here. I'm not looking for it--I'm not ignoring it."

Zoe made a small noise of appeasement as she pulled the wet cloth away and got a bandage out. "Your father and I are worried about you, you know that right?" she said. Okay, it was mostly her own worry, but she knew John was concerned about some things too.

Sam frowned and looked a little guilty. "You don't have to worry about me. I'm okay."

"See, when you say things like that? It makes me worry. Because you're not okay." Zoe put the bandage over his cuts and made sure he didn't have any marks she hadn't spotted to take care of. "There's nothing wrong with not being okay."

"Oh yeah? Tell that to Dad, 'cause I don't think he'd agree." Sam scowled, and as soon as the bandage was done, he finished wiping his nose and tried to get up. "I'm not fine. I'm not perfectly well. But I am okay. Don't worry about me, please?"

"Sorry, but that's never going to happen," Zoe said, shaking her head. "You should stay here and get some rest."

"I can't, not while those things are still in the dorms." The thought of using his abilities again almost made his head ache more, but he didn't have a choice. He wasn't going to get any stronger just standing here. "Thanks for the bandages and everything. Stay safe, okay?" he said, heading for the door.

"Sam, get back here--" Zoe started, but he was already out the door before she could even get up off of the couch. She kicked the door for good measure before locking it, and sighed. He'd definitely been lying to her about something, but damn if she knew what it was.

"Idiot teenagers," she muttered, going to clean up. She was going to need a drink before this day was over.


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