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New Orleans, Sunday Afternoon
There was a small part of Sam that had felt guilty as he'd headed out of town today. There were violent creatures in Fandom, and he was just leaving them behind for everyone else to deal with. But it was Dean's birthday, and considering the state he'd put himself into yesterday trying to fight, he probably wouldn't have been out helping to get rid of the gremlins anyway.

Thanks to Alec, Sam knew where Dean had been planning on spending his birthday, and he hoped that Alec hadn't told Dean he was asking so this would still be a surprise. He made his way through the motel where they were staying, and when he found the right room, he listened to make sure he couldn't hear any sex noises, and then knocked on the door and hoped Dean was there. He didn't want to have to break into the room to wait for him, or search all over town.

[Esablishy and NFB due to distance!]


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