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16 Unicorn Street, Saturday evening
Sam had gone back to the house after the carnival, and one very long shower later, he was sitting in the living room combing his hair and hoping that he'd managed to get all of the fudge off of himself. He was going to smell like a candy bar if he didn't, and he wasn't sure how Scout would take that.

[For the brother!]

Dean came in from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn. "All de-cholatified?" he asked.

"I think so," Sam said, rubbing behind his ears for good measure. "How could you possibly still be hungry after everything they had at the carnival?"

Dean shrugged. "Just am." He flopped down on the couch beside Sammy.

Sam reached over and tried to steal some of the popcorn. "Guess you used a lot of energy at the kissing booths, huh?"

"Not that much," Dean said. "Though there was also the pie booths."

"I'm surprised you didn't steal the pies to rescue them from an uneaten fate," Sam teased.

"It's not like they use real pies," Dean said. "Those ones are mostly just whipped cream. I mean no one wants to get an apple in the eye."

"Or end up wearing that much food. Trust me, I speak from experience," Sam said with a laugh.

"My brother, the expert on foodfight fallout," Dean teased.

"You're the expert on eating, I'm the expert on everything but eating," Sam reached for the popcorn again when he felt something vibrating in his pocket and pulled out his phone, noticing that there was a new message. "Hang on, I've got to check this," he said. "It's from Isabel."

"Everything okay?" Dean asked casually around a mouthful of popcorn, then sat up a little straighter as a look of total shock came over his brother's face. "Sammy? What is it?"

Sam was tempted to listen to the message again to make sure he hadn't misheard Isabel, but he knew Dean deserved an explanation first. "You're not going to believe this," he said, because really, this was weird even for them. "But I think Peter's alive."

Dean blinked. "What?" he asked, wondering if he needed to deal with a deluded brother or if it was actually possible....

Sam took a deep breath and tried to figure out how to explain everything without freaking out at Dean. "A few days ago, I found a drawing Peter had done for me that showed the two of us together. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but he'd obviously used his artistic ability," he said. "He drew us together in the future, after the explosion. I called Isabel to see if maybe she'd have an idea of what to make of it, and it turns out Nathan's alive. She visited him, sort of, and he said Peter brought him to the hospital after the explosion happened."

"When you say visited, you mean dreamwalking, don't you?" Dean asked, remembering when Isabel offered to do that to check on Alec for him.

Sam nodded emphatically. "Yes, exactly. She dreamwalked Nathan, and she couldn't do that if he wasn't alive and asleep." He stared down at his phone for a moment, still in disbelief. "She called and left me a message. She said she dreamwalked Peter tonight. Dean, she said he's okay. I--" Sam cut himself off and held out his phone for Dean. "Will you listen to it? Tell me I'm not losing my mind and this is for real."

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It wasn't like Dean needed convincing, but Sammy's puppy dog eyes would've done it if he did. He took the phone from him and listened to the message Isabel left.

"It's real," he said after he listened, his mind already going a mile a minute. "So who do we know who can do some kind of location spell?"

"I don't know," Sam said. "I can ask around town maybe. I wish I could see him in my visions, that would make this so much easier."

"I wonder if Cas maybe can do something to help," Dean said, running through his list of people they knew and what they can do. "Or even one of the Jedi. Someone's gotta be able to do something to figure out where he is. And once we know that, we can go get him back."

"I don't like that he doesn't know where he is. How can he not know?" Sam asked, his elation giving way to a whole new set of worries now that he knew more of the truth.

"I didn't know where I was when Manticore grabbed me," Dean said soberly, knowing that wasn't the implication Sam wanted to hear, but it was the most likely.

Sam frowned, and nodded at Dean. "What if he gets hurt before we find him? What if he's mad that we haven't found him yet?"

"How many people do we know who can heal?" Dean asked. "If he gets hurt, we'll make sure he gets fixed up. As for the other, from what Isabel said, it doesn't sound like he's mad."

"She might have been sugar coating things," Sam said, although there was a small part of him that knew Peter didn't get mad about much, and it was possible he wouldn't be mad about this either. "I just can't believe he's really alive. Things this good don't happen to us."

"Isabel doesn't sugarcoat," Dean said. "And who says good things don't happen to us? We've got a home and a stepmom and a baby sister, and a bunch of friends who are almost like family. I think we've had a lot of good happen to us since we came here."

"Maybe," Sam said, since he couldn't deny that any of that was true. "But to get Peter back just doesn't feel real. I've spent so much time trying to deal with his death that it's like I don't know what to do now."


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