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OOC: Student Council Flower Sale
*uses icon to get everyone's attention*

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, the Student Council will once again be doing their flower selling fundraiser! (See here and here for previous years.)

Carnations and roses are available in all colors and in any quantity. Flowers can be sent to anyone on the island, and can be sent from any character, including alumni and ex-pats. ICly, the flower orders will go through the Student Council (either in person or by e-mail for those who aren't local).

To make an order, leave a comment here with the following information by Valentine's Day:


These will be unscreened!

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Is the student council handwavily giving the flower totals to Covent Garden Flowers to bring the appropriate flowers in? Just want to know for flailing RP. :)

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Oh hey, that's what I forgot to check! Yeah, if that's cool with you? If not, they can get the flowers from elsewhere. I know Valentine's Day is your personal enemy. :D

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Nah, that's fine. Vida flailing is much better than Nic flailing. :D

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Ahahahahahahaha dooooooooooooooooooooooork. :D

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Shut up. It's important information to know! :P And dammit, Vida's pain will mirror my own, and it's a good thing the Student Council isn't selling gerbera because they are SUCKING this year.

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Is it okay to put multiple orders in one comment or do you want separate comments?

Re: Questions/Comments/Etc.

Yeah, multiple orders together is fine. :D

Order Flowers!

These will be screened to maintain the element of surprise!

Re: Order Flowers!

Roses, grow! Daffodils, replant yourselves over there! Weeds, get the hell out of this garden! Chrysanthemums, water yourselves! Lilies...

Wait. That's not what you meant. Sorry.

Re: Order Flowers!

Doooooork! :P


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