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16 Unicorn Street, Monday Afternoon
Monday meant classes were back in session, but Sam wasn't going anywhere near the school today. Peter's memories still hadn't returned, and until they did, taking care of him was the only thing on Sam's to do list. They didn't have the house to themselves anymore now that spring break was over, but Sam didn't think Dad or Zoe minded having Peter around, considering everything the two of them had been through over the past few months. If they did, he just wasn't going to listen.


"Feeling better today?" Peter asked.

"Again, I'm not the one that question should be directed towards," Sam said. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine," Peter shrugged. "Still not remembering anything new but I guess otherwise okay."

"At least you're not forgetting the stuff you already know, right?" Sam asked.

"Don't think I'm not grateful for that," Peter said. "I'm also grateful for the loan of the shirt, even if it is bigger than the last one I borrowed."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I don't have a lot of clothes that would fit you well," Sam said. "I'd give you some of my dad's stuff, but that might be weird."

"Little bit," Peter admitted. "This is good. Plus I've learned something new. I know you like plaid."

Sam let out an embarrassed laugh. "Uh, yeah, I guess I do. It's easier to find shirts that fit if I get them in plaid."

"Okay, I know my memory's spotty but I can't say I remember Big n Tall shops specializing in plaid," Peter said. He looked down at himself. "Then again, I suppose I didn't shop in them much either."

"No, you're nice and normal-sized," Sam said. "You don't think I'm a dork for liking plaid, do you?"

"Of course not," Peter said with a smile. "I just like knowing stuff. When you can't remember anything, every little thing matters."

Sam frowned softly, but tried to cover it by nodding. "I'll tell you anything you want to know, I promise," he said, leaning in to give Peter a kiss.

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Chuck completely and utterly failed at calling Sam back yesterday, which he really did feel bad about. As soon as he found himself with more than five minutes between meetings, he holed himself up where he wouldn't be bothered and dialed Sam's number.

Sam glanced at the number when his phone rang, and broke into a grin when he answered. "Hey Chuck. Are you back in town yet?"

"I wish. I'm at work," Chuck said. "Don't worry, I'm doing my best to be back in time for class tomorrow."

It's not like he'd be upset if he did miss class but, still, he was attempting to be a decent student.

"Good, I'm still having a good effect on you then," Sam said. "I don't suppose, with all your working, you've had time to check your messages?"

"I did," Chuck said, smiling slightly. "I'm glad you found him."

"I'm glad I found him too," Sam said, laughing. "I thought I was kind of crazy to keep hoping, but I guess not, you know?"

"Hope definitely paid off this time around," he agreed. Even someone as pessimistic as Chuck had to admit to that. "How's he doing?"

"He's doing okay. He's having some trouble with his memories," Sam said, not caring that it was an understatement. "But I'm helping him get better."

Chuck opened his mouth to say something dirty but thought better of it. "Where did you end up finding him anyway?"

"Um, in Ireland," Sam said. "I had to fly overseas and everything. It was really weird and I still don't know how he got there, but I found him."

"Seriously? That is really random." But it's not like Chuck could judge because, hi, Thailand. "But I guess it's not like it matters much so long as he's back."

"You guys really need to stop disappearing to other countries. You make it so much harder to track you down," Sam said, because yes, he remembered the Thailand situation quite well.

Chuck sighed a little, but figured he deserved that. "I think it's becoming obvious that you'd find us no matter where we run off to."

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