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Room 320, Tuesday Evening
Class time had come and gone and, thankfully, no one had said anything to Sam about last night's radio and what Peter had been doing. That didn't mean Peter was off the hook though, so Sam had no problem spending the evening texting him back with all the dirtiest things he could think of. He wasn't sure if he'd have the nerve to send dirty pictures, but the night was young.

[Open, sure.]

After a few texts, Sam's phone rang.

Sam glanced at the phone and smirked when he saw the caller ID. "What, no more dirty messages? I get to talk to you in person now?"

"I thought the offer in that last text was too good to refuse," Peter replied.

"You're lucky I'm sending you any texts at all. Did you know I was doing radio last night while you sent those?" Sam asked.

"No?" Peter said, far, far too innocently.

"Yeah right. I was trying to focus and you started in and they just kept getting worse!" Sam said. Of course he could have turned his phone off, but he didn't want to be mean about it.

"I wanted you to know I was thinking about you," Peter said. "Even if I'm not on the island."

"I know you're thinking about me without you making me all flustered while I'm trying to work," Sam said, sighing. "I have to admit, you're very creative."

"Hey, you texted me while I was talking to Mom," Peter said. "I'd say we're even."

Sam laughed. "I didn't know you were talking to your mother. Now I wish I had taken a picture of myself."

"Is that still on the table?" Peter asked. "Because I'd love one if you're sending."

Yanno, in addition to the one Peter had never deleted from his phone.

"Um, is there anyone else around?" Sam asked, because that was a very important thing to check.

"I may have been fibbing about Mom earlier," Peter admitted.

"Jerk," Sam teased. He got quiet for a minute, not sure about whether or not this was a good idea. "You really want me to take a picture?"

"You love me," Peter teased back. "I'd enjoy a picture. I'm not going to force you though."

"Well, I like doing things you enjoy," Sam said. "But I also like taking pictures with all my clothes on. I'm not brave like some people."

"I'd love any picture of you," Peter said. "Call me greedy."

"Okay, hold on," Sam said, sitting up straighter on his bed as he turned on the camera setting of his phone. A nice picture seemed like the best option, so he simply smiled and clicked, and sent the picture to Peter without looking at it for too long to find flaws. "How's that?" he asked when he was done.

Peter took a moment to really look at the picture before he replied. "Anybody ever tell you that you're really good looking?"

"Occasionally, but there's usually a lot of alcohol involved," Sam said with a laugh. "I miss having you tell me in person."

"Maybe you can visit soon?" Peter said, hopefully.

"I should be able to. Midterms are over so there's nothing too crazy going on," Sam said. "You don't mind me coming over a lot, do you?"

"I'd love it if you were here all the time," Peter told him. "But I know you like classes, so I'll take what I can get."

"Graduation will be here before either of us know it," Sam said. "Then classes won't be in the way."

"Not until you go to college," Peter pointed out. Granted he was really hoping Sam would go to college in New York to help close the distance at least.

"Ugh, don't say the C-word," Sam said. "I still haven't heard back from anyone." It felt like ages ago that he'd even applied, while Peter had been gone.

"Only because they're fighting over you," Peter said. "Probably with knives."

Sam laughed. "I hope you're right. If nothing else, I'm glad you think that's possible."

"I know it is," Peter said. "You're smart and you love learning. What college wouldn't be dying to have you?"

"A crazy one, I guess, from the way you talk," Sam said. "I hope you're right."

"Of course I'm right," Peter told him. "That's how I got a hot boyfriend like you."

That got a smile out of Sam that he wished Peter could see, and he was trying to decide how to say thank you when he glanced at his clock. "Damn it. I didn't realize how late it was," he said. "I think I need to go."


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