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Room 320, Saturday Afternoon
Sam had been perfectly content to stick to researching to figure out what was going on with the fog and the creatures, right up to the point where Zoe got kidnapped. Now, he was sitting on his bed and sharpening two of his knives from the weapons locker. If whoever took Zoe thought they'd be getting away with it, they were sorely mistaken.

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Chuck had heard about Zoe last night on the radio, which ratcheted this whole situation from ridiculous to something to worry about. He had no doubt in his mind that that they'd get her back (come on, someone that created monkey-ponies could not possibly be all that great of a super villain) but he still wanted to check on Sam anyway because, you know, that's what a concerned friend did.

"Holy shit, those are cool," Chuck said when he saw the knives.

Sam glanced up at the sound of Chuck's voice, and nodded at him. "Thanks," he said quietly. "My dad's good at picking weapons for us."

Chuck frowned a little at that, but he couldn't really judge anyone on screwed up father-son behavior. "I heard about Zoe on radio. I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as the people who took her are going to be," Sam said. "Fighting people is one thing but taking Zoe makes it a whole new ball game."

Chuck nodded in agreement. "Yeah that was a pretty stupid move on their part. Clearly they didn't do their homework about this place."

"I bet they're learning though. She's got to be putting up a hell of a fight," Sam said. If his tone was a little hopeful, it couldn't be helped.

Chuck smiled slightly. "Of course she is. The lady can be scary as hell. She's gonna be fine."

"She has to be," Sam said, scowling down at his hands. "This really makes me wish I'd beaten up some of those monkey things. I just wish she'd taken me or my dad with her. Then she'd be fine now."

"Judging from radio it seems like everybody's going out by themselves," Chuck said, frowning. Sometimes he felt like the only smart person around here. "It's a bit late to be wallowing in what you'd wish would have happened though. Just have to focus on getting her back now."

"Yeah, you're right," Sam said. "You don't sound like you approve of people going out at all."

"I don't understand it," he said. "But then again, I didn't come standard with a hero complex like the rest of you."

"Honestly, I think that's good," Sam said. "If everyone wanted to protect people, there'd be a lot more people getting hurt, I think. There's nothing wrong with wanting to stay inside, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to defend the school either."

Chuck thought most everyone was wanting to show off rather than defend the school but he knew better than to argue with Sam about it.

"Well I'm glad you approve of me being a chicken," Chuck said, smirking. "But you're right, I'd probably do more harm than good. I've died a ridiculous amount of times for a seventeen year old."

"Tell me about it," Sam said, frowning. "You need to stop that. Even when things are weird and you're all right again when it's all over."

"Hey, believe me, if I could drop the habit, I would," Chuck said, holding up his hands. "It kind of hurts and for some reason it always ends with my scarf being stolen."

"I'm not sure if your scarf being stolen is equivalent to losing your life," Sam pointed out.

"Yeah, that part of the whole thing stopped being interesting after the first time. Now it's just slightly annoying because I usually miss part of a weekend," Chuck said with a wave of his hand. "My point is, I'm a magnet for death. And I'm proud to be the leader of the strategically staying put movement."

"That's good for you, honestly. What keeps you alive and in one piece is great," Sam said. "But when stuff like this happens, if I don't go out and help, I feel guilty, even if it's not my family directly in harm's way. I can't help it."

"I'm not even going to pretend I understand that," he said. "But at least I know you have a pretty good chance of surviving this sort of stuff."

"Well, yeah, if only because there's an awful lot of people who would try terrible things to bring me back to life if I died," Sam said, at least partly teasing.

"That's true. One of my resurrections involved ritual sacrifice," Chuck said, smirking. What? Lois was fine in the end. "And Castiel would be bitchfacing until the end of time."

"So would you, don't lie," Sam teased. "You know you'd miss me."

"Maybe, a little," he joked. "And finding myself a new geek would be a pain in the ass."


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