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Streets of Fandom, Saturday Evening
Sam would be lying if he didn't admit that he loved this weekend, and that he'd been looking forward to the possibility of seeing his potential kids again. Sure enough, Maria was here, handwavily playing with Peter at the hotel, and he was heading to Turtle and Canary to pick up some stuff for the three of them. Stopping for ice cream on the way back was a possibility too, but Sam was still debating that one.

[For people who know who they are laaaaa.]

Stone should know to stay away from pretty lights by now, but it had been really pretty. And also, apparently, quite trippy. So now he was wandering around seeing what else he could see.

And there was his Dad. "Dad!" he yelled, running over to meet him.

Normally, that word wouldn't make Sam turn around, but this was no normal weekend. When he found himself facing an unfamiliar child though, he wasn't sure what to say. "Uh, hi. Were you calling me?"

"Duh, of course. Who else?"

Sam glanced around and realized he had a point. "Uh, hi." Yes Sam, you already said that. "You don't--I mean, I haven't--uh, are you going to get upset if I ask you your name?"

"You've been in the good stuff again, huh?" Stone asked knowingly. "I'm Stone. Your son."

"Right, of course," Sam said, committing that name to memory as he tried to figure out who else this new kid looked like. "I take it you came through the portal too? And what do you mean, the good stuff?"

"Drugs?" Stone said as if he was the one talking to a child.

"Hey, I don't do drugs," Sam said innocently. Except when Chuck slipped him pot brownies, but that didn't count.

Stone snorted at that. "Yeah, tell me another one."

Sam wasn't quite sure what concerned him more, the fact that he had another kid that, judging from his hair, probably wasn't Peter's, or the fact that there was a place where he was such a bad father that he did drugs in front of his kid. "Well, I'm glad you found me," he said, which was still the truth. "Is there, uh, anyone else we should look for?" That was about as close to subtle as he could get right now.

"You've lost Dad again haven't you?" Stone said in a world weary tone.

Okay, another kid with a guy. That was something Sam could deal with a lot better now than a few years ago. "I haven't lost him. I've only temporarily misplaced him," Sam insisted. "Where should we go look for him?"

"Where'd you leave the drugs?" Stone asked reasonably. His other Dad was better at keeping track of that kind of thing.

"I didn't...I don't do drugs here," Sam said again, not sure how to lie about that, especially since it was so wrong. "I might do them at home, but you're in a kind of a different place thanks to that portal. Does that make any sense?" If he did terrible things in front of the kid, he might not be able to comprehend something complex like that. "Like, I'm older at home, right?"

"Not really," Stone said, looking at Sam dubiously.

Oh, this just kept getting better and better. "What about your other dad? Is" Sam asked, going for the first thing he could think of. Chuck did drugs, so maybe somehow, in some seriously strange place, they could have gotten together.

"Dad says he doesn't have any need to be rich. He's got all he ever wanted."

"Really?" Sam asked. That sounded way too Zen to be anyone Sam could think of, except maybe... "Is your Dad really calm all the time? Like, about everything?"

"Pretty much," Stone said. "The hunting thing gets him flustered sometimes but other than that..."

Yeah, that definitely narrowed things down to Andy being his prime suspect. It didn't make a lot of sense, but then, these things didn't always work in sensible ways. "I bet the drugs help though, huh?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"He's not an addict or anything," Stone said defensively. "That's what you said to Uncle Dean when you fought about it once."

"Well, your Dad's pretty important to me," Sam said. He had to be if they had a kid together, didn't he? "That means Uncle Dean doesn't get to say mean things about him."

"Uncle Dean says because he's family now he gets to say tease him because that's what family does."

"I don't know, do you think your Dad should get teased?" Sam asked, curious how Stone might feel about him.

"I think Dad takes it how Uncle Dean means it. He likes the whole family thing, especially after, y'know."

Sam pulled his phone out to see if he had Andy's number stashed away, but stopped to give Stone a curious look. "After...after what?" he asked.


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