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Room Handwavey, The Arms Hotel, Sunday Evening
Thanks to Claire's message, Sam was able to pick Maria up from where she'd run off to, and he'd given in to her pleading for pizza since, if he couldn't be surprised by her bringing food back to their room, at least Peter could be. If nothing else, spending time with Maria got Sam's mind off of his conversation with Dean, and any thoughts of universes where he was the worst father ever.

"Hey," he said in greeting to Peter, shoving the door open with his hip as he held onto pizza boxes with one hand and Maria with the other. "Tell me you've been behaving yourself in my absence, or I'm blaming the money missing from my wallet on you."

"Depends," Peter said, looking innocent. "What counts as behaving myself?"

"Anything that won't make me have to glare at you," Sam said, letting Maria go once they were inside. "Or that you can discuss in front of children."

"Daddy, Daddy, we brought pizza!" Maria said as she ran over to him. "Good pizza! With pepperoni and no icky stuff!"

"Excellent!" Peter went to scoop Maria up into a hug. "Did you have to work hard on Dad to make sure he didn't try to sneak in vegetables? You know you're allowed to use the puppy eyes if you have to."

"I did!" Maria said, happy to get right back to hugging. "He wanted to put green peppers on a whole half of a pizza."

"I know, a whole half of a pizza. That's sooo much," Sam said, snickering. "I'd like to remind you that it was my money that bought the pizza."

"You're always telling Daddy he should let you pay for stuff more," Maria said innocently. "I was trying to help."

"Plus half isn't fair," Peter pointed out. "There's three of us. You could've maybe tried for a third."

"Or one or two slices," Maria said. "Ones that got cut specially so the veggie germs wouldn't touch the rest of the pizza."

"Absolutely," Peter said. "Especially with green peppers. They get green pepper cooties everywhere."

"Hey, I'm feeling very ganged up on here," Sam said, even though he was trying not to smile. He had a feeling that was probably how it went where Maria came from too. "There's no such thing as vegetable cooties. Don't encourage her."

"There are if we're talking about green peppers," Peter said. "They're almost as bad as mushrooms."

"Hey, mushrooms are great on pizza!" Sam said.

That would be when Maria put her hands to her throat and made gagging noises, sagging against Peter like she was slowly dying of mushroom poisoning.

"Oh no!" Peter said, playing along. "We're losing her. We may need to apply hugs in order to save her."

Maria giggled and held her arms spread wide, although she kept her eyes closed. "Saaaaave meeeee!"

"Uh oh. One hug, coming right up," Sam said, grabbing her and holding her tight.

Peter put his hand to Maria's forehead as though checking her stats. "We need more. Big hug, Maria in the middle."

Peter went to wrap his arms around Sam and Maria both.

Sam grinned and wrapped his arms around Maria and Peter, keeping her tight in between them. "Is this big enough?"

Considering how Maria was squealing and mumbling about having the best daddies ever, that might have been her way of saying yes.

"What was that?" Peter pretended not to hear. "I don't know if she's well enough to eat pizza yet. We may need to hug harder."

"No! We need pizza!" Maria said, squirming between them. "Before it gets cold and icky."

"Are you alive?" Peter asked, as though he couldn't tell from her talking.

"Yes! The hugs made me all better," Maria said happily. It was nice how that worked at home and here too.

"Sounds like we can do pizza then," Peter said. He gave her a kiss on the top of her head just to be safe though.

Sam gave her one last hug for good measure before grabbing the pizza boxes so they could dig in. He had to admit that considering how many embarrassing and terrible things the island liked to throw at them, this was really, really nice.


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