The Journal of Sam Winchester

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Sam Winchester psychic_wonder
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Snow Monster Cabin, Alcove A4, Friday Afternoon
Anyone passing by Sam's alcove in the afternoon might have been able to hear him grumbling as he took his clothes and arranged them over the pile of bags that was growing at the foot of his bed. He'd gotten the feeling that something was up when he'd seen the small bag labeled CONTROL FREAK on the floor. Then RESPONSIBLE FOR MOTHER'S DEATH had shown up, staked right on top of DAD LOVES BROTHER MORE THAN ME, and Sam knew he had to do something to cover the bags up before anyone got a good look at them. He'd just started getting them arranged together when AFRAID OF EVIL DESTINY and AFRAID OF HOW MUCH I LIKE MY POWERS appeared, and suddenly, keeping the baggage out of his own sight became just as important.

As soon as Sam finished getting everything covered up, he turned around and nearly tripped over PSYCHOTIC IRRATIONAL EROTIC CODEPENDENCE WITH BROTHER, looking like it belonged with a trunk for some reason. If this kept up, Sam was afraid he might run out ways to hide them all.



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