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16 Unicorn Street, Late Friday Evening
After they were done at the radio station, Sam asked Dean to help him bring a few boxes to the house. He had some books and things that he wanted to save, but that he really didn't have to have with him in New York, and so stashing them in his room at the house seemed like the best idea. If leaving some of his belongings here made Dean feel more assured that Sam would come back for visits, well, that would be a very nice bonus.

"You know, I never thought I'd actually say this, but I think I might own too many books," he said, smirking at Dean as he fished around in his pocket for his house keys.

[For Dean!]

"So what you're saying is your leaving to get more bookshelf space?" Dean quipped.

"No, but it's a small benefit," Sam said, opening the door and picking his box up again. "Thanks for helping me with these, by the way."

"By all rights, I should've let you drag them here yourself in protest," Dean said as he led the ways inside.

"You wouldn't do that though, because you're an amazing brother," Sam said, buttering Dean up as much as he could get away with tonight.

"I am and you totally take advantage." Dean led the way up to Sam's room with the boxes.

"I don't take advantage of you," Sam said. "At least, I don't try to," Sam said. "I mean, that's not my goal or anything."

Dean chuckled. "Relax," he advised. "Take a deep breath."

"I just...tonight's kind of the worst time for you to be annoyed with me," Sam said only once.

"Honestly? If it would keep you from leaving early, I'd be as annoyed as anything with you."

"I'm not--" Sam started, before stopping himself and sighing. "I know you're pissed that I'm leaving before the summer's over. I'm sorry."

"I'm not pissed," Dean corrected. "I'm... disappointed. I thought by coming back I'd be giving us one last summer together before life starts trying to pull us apart. I guess I never thought you wouldn't want that too."

"I guess I just don't see us getting pulled apart as much as you do," Sam said. "And I don't think it's our last summer together. I mean, we could teach something together next summer, who knows?"

Dean snorted. "Yeah, because you're going to be willing to leave New York and your college life and your boyfriend for the whole summer next year when you're not now."

"I doubt I'll be taking classes over the summer," Sam said. "I could bring Peter with me. Things could change, you don't know."

"Things have already changed. That's what sucks."

"I'm sorry," Sam said again. "Trust me, if I could turn back the clock and start us at school together all over again, I would."

Dean sighed and kicked open the door to Sam's room so he could take the box of books he carried inside. "Just tell me one thing, Sammy. Were you happy I came back for the summer or did it just mess up your plans?"

"Of course I was happy," Sam said, surprised by the question. "I know I gave you crap about making me your TA, but that was just because it was punishment. I wasn't upset that you were here."

"Making you TA wasn't the punishment. Mocking you roundly in class was the punishment," Dean said.

"Oh, well, you fulfilled that too," Sam said with a laugh. "Have I made up for not telling you about my abilities?"

"Depends," Dean said. "You learned your lesson about keeping things from me?"

"Yes," Sam said sincerely. "I have, I swear."

"Then yeah, guess I can let you off the hook."

At that point, Sam couldn't resist - as soon as he and Dean were in his room with their boxes set down, he went over to try to give his brother a hug. "I'm going to miss you like crazy," he said. "Don't think for a second that I won't, okay?"

Dean hugged him back tightly. "You better call. A lot. And actually tell me what's going on, not just what you think I want to hear."

"What if what's going on is just a whole lot of sex with Peter?" Sam asked, trying to lighten the mood a little.


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