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Peter's Apt (yes, still), NYC, Tuesday Evening
Normally, when Sam unpacked, he didn't have any trouble focusing on what he was doing. After all, the only way to make sure that everything was in its exact proper place was to pay attention to where everything was going.

So, it was surprising that as he finished unpacking all of his non-book belongings (making sure they they took up as little of Peter's space as possible), his thoughts kept drifting. It was even more surprising that his thoughts kept drifting to, of all people, his mother. He wondered what she'd think of how he and Dean had turned out, if she'd approve of Peter, if she'd be proud of him for getting into college. She'd never really been a presence in his life, so Sam knew he didn't miss her as much as Dean did, but sometimes he had to wonder what she would think of him. He just wasn't sure why he was thinking about all of this now.

Glancing at the bookshelves Peter had gotten, Sam wondered if maybe he should go back to Fandom to get the rest of his books. For some reason, that seemed like a really good idea.



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