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Peter's Apt, NYC, Thursday Evening
With classes finally starting, Sam's week had already been crazy busy. He'd had schedules to learn, buildings to find, books to buy, and all in a place he was still getting used to. But no amount of craziness could prevent him from remembering today's date and why it was important. Sam knew his way around Peter's neighborhood pretty well now, so he hadn't had any trouble finding a deli to stop at to get his and Peter's favorite sandwiches for dinner. It might not have been the most romantic anniversary dinner ever, but it also wouldn't get cold if Sam got...distracted once Peter got home from work. After two years, Peter still had pretty strong effect on him.

[For he whose apartment it is!]

If Peter knew that Sam's narrative was still refering to it as only his apartment he would've been very cross. But Peter couldn't read the narrative, so instead he simply came back to their apartment after he was done with work.

"Sam?" he called out when he got in. "You home?"

Sam glanced out from the kitchen area and grinned at the sound of Peter's voice. "Hey, yeah," he said, trying to lay eyes on Peter. "How was your day?"

"Long," Peter said, heading for the kitchen. "I spent all of it without you, so way too long."

Sam looked Peter up and down, openly appreciating his EMT uniform. "Way too long for me too, even with fun classes to go to." He leaned over and gave Peter a slow, light kiss.

"Classes where you got to show off how smart and sexy you are?" Peter asked, kissing Sam back.

"Not yet," Sam said, smiling bashfully. "It was only the second day for most of them. I haven't even gotten a chance to talk really. And you're the sexy one."

"No way," Peter said. "I know how hot you look when you show off your big brain. If they don't notice it's because they're blind."

"Or I haven't gotten a chance to show off yet," Sam said, slipping his arms around Peter's waist. "Do you know what today is?"

"Thursday?" Peter replied.

"Besides Thursday," Sam said, giving Peter another, slower kiss.

"The 9th?" Peter replied, moving his hands around Sam's waist to help keep him close for more kissing.

It was possible that he was only pretending not to know what day it was.

"Getting warmer," Sam said, rewarding Peter with another kiss as he put his hands on Peter's chest. Getting to touch Peter's uniform was a reward for him in return.

"Something involving you?" Peter replied. After all, he seemed to get more kisses the longer he took to guess.

"Something involving both of us," Sam said, giving Peter yet another kiss. It wasn't like he minded Peter taking longer this way.

"Something involving you, me, and a Thursday?" Peter replied, kissing Sam back.

"And a beach," Sam said, moving on to Peter's neck. "And me realizing how much I liked you, and how stupid I was being to pretend I didn't."

"I seem to remember that's when you kissed me," Peter said, baring his throat so that Sam could kiss more.

"For the first time. Best move I ever made," Sam replied. He finally couldn't wait any longer, and tried to tug on Peter's shirt to get his hands underneath. "And not just because it's two years later and the sight of you in a uniform still makes me as hot as it would have on day one."

"I could leave it on if that's what you want," Peter teased, though he didn't try to stop Sam from reaching under his shirt. "I can't believe it's only been two years. I feel like I've known you my whole life."

"That's how soulmates work," Sam said, and yes, that was such a schmoopy statement to make, but he really didn't think Peter would mind. "And as much as I love you in uniform, I love you even more out of it. If you're not exhausted from saving people and being amazing, that is."

"Soulmates?" Peter didn't mind. Particularly considering the warm smile that came to his face at hearing Sam use that word. "I like the sound of that. So much that I think I'm feeling very energetic. Even more than when I walked in."

Peter's smile was all the clue Sam needed to know he'd picked the right word, and that made him feel good enough to start pulling Peter out of the kitchen and towards the bedroom. "Really?" he asked. "Because I got us some dinner, but if you don't need the extra energy right now, it can wait until...later."

"I think I need to work up an apetite first," Peter replied. He followed, sticking close so that he could kiss Sam while they walked.

"I think I can help you with that," Sam said, before pulling Peter's shirt off. "Consider it my anniversary gift to you."

"Thought you were my anniversary gift to me," Peter replied, lifting his arms to make it easier for Sam to strip him.

"I guess you'll just have to settle for multiple gifts," Sam said, grinning at the sight a topless Peter made.

"I think you count as at least four gifts," Peter told him.

"If that was a tall joke, you're very funny," Sam teased, starting to work on Peter's pants.

"More a comment on how talented you are," Peter replied. He tried to tug at Sam's shirt. "And how much I appreciate you."

Sam let Peter tug at his clothes too as they headed for the bed. "I love you," he said. "In case I didn't make that clear enough. I appreciate you too, for everything you've done for me."

"I love you too," Peter said. "And I really, really appreciate that you kissed me two years ago."

As Sam slipped out of his pants, and pulled Peter closer, he was pretty sure he appreciated that kiss just as much as Peter did. Somehow, two more years of this, or even more, seemed like the best thing he could ask for.


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