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Peter's Apt, NYC, Monday Afternoon
By now, Sam was used to the whole turning-into-a-girl thing happening every once in a while. Waking up yesterday morning had been annoying, but he'd been grateful that it was Sunday, when he didn't have much of anything to do. When he woke up this morning though, his attitude was very different. He'd gone back to bed for a few more minutes, in case sleep was what made the whole thing wear off, but nothing happened, and in the end, Sam realized he didn't have any choice but to skip his college classes for the very first time. After sending off e-mails to some of his classmates, claiming to be violently ill and begging them to take good notes for him, Sam had spent the better part of the day sitting in the apartment and moping. He wasn't even sure if he could leave the apartment and take the risk of nosy neighbors seeing him coming and going and thinking something was up.

The one perk to being at the apartment instead of being in class was that Sam had been around when the mail arrived. Looking through the envelopes, Sam found that the bill for his and Peter's internet connection had arrived. Peter still hadn't figured out that Sam was secretly paying that bill every month, and it really was better off that way - Sam got to contribute to the household expenses, and Peter didn't have to feel guilty. Sam took the bill and hid it away inside one of his books, and set the rest of the mail down in the kitchen before going back to lay down on the couch with Scout. If he didn't go back to being a boy soon, he didn't know what he was going to do.

[Open for calls, e-mails, and the boyfriend!]

It was a measure of how much Peter cared about money - and the practical aspects of day to day life, that no, he didn't notice any of the bills not showing up. He figured if there was a problem he'd find out, and until he found out then there wasn't a problem.

He would've cared about Sam still calling it only Peter's apartment in the narrative, but unfortunately Peter couldn't read those.

What he could do is pick up food on the way home from work. Given the state Sam was currently in, Peter figured he wouldn't be heading out to run any errands.

When he got home he looked around for his boy - er - partner. "Sam?"

"In here," Sam said, from where he was sprawled out on the couch that was totally Peter's, thank you very much. At least, he was attempting to sprawl, with the added shapeliness of his body.

Peter felt that Sam's body was always a nice shape. Also that the couch was theirs, damn it. He shucked off his coat and went to join Sam. "No changes, huh?"

"No, not yet," Sam said, sighing. "I texted Zoe and she said everyone in Fandom is stuck too, so it's not just me. But now no one knows when it's going to wear off." He glanced up at Peter. "Have I mentioned how lucky you are that you never have to deal with this?"

"You never know," Peter said. He moved to sit beside Sam. "I could come down with it tomorrow. Anything I can do to help? I brought food."

"Tell me my classmates will take good notes and I'm not going to flunk because I missed class?" Sam said. "That would be really helpful."

"Your classmates will take good notes because if they're in your classes they're as dedicated to learning as you are," Peter assured him. "And you won't flunk for taking a sick day. Any of your professors tries that and we'll sic a really good lawyer on them."

"You don't have to do that," Sam said, although he was smiling at the thought. He scooted down a bit on the couch so he didn't accidentally touch Peter, and scowled a little at how much room he had to do so. "Tell me this isn't going to stick for like, a week or something?"

"It's not," Peter assured him. He noticed the scooting. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just want to make sure you have room," Sam said. He could also sit up, but that would ruin a perfectly good mope.

"Why would I want room?" Peter asked. "I like you. I prefer it when you're close."

"Not when I'm like this," Sam said, shaking his head. "It's weird and wrong."

"Okay, if you're uncomfortable I respect that," Peter said. "But don't stay away on my account."

"Of course I'm uncomfortable, I have all the wrong parts," Sam said, looking at Peter. "You're not bothered by how I look?"

"I love you, Sam," Peter reminded him.

"Yeah, but part of the reason you love me is because of how I look," Sam said, getting quiet for a moment. "Right?"

Peter just stared at Sam, because really now.

"What? Come on, I know you're attracted to me. Guy me, I mean," Sam said. "I'm not that oblivious."

"Yeah, because you're hot," Peter said. "But attraction isn't love. I love you. That doesn't change no matter what happens to your body. As for attraction, loving you is part of what attracts me. But even if I was that superficial did you forget how I used to have girlfriends?"

"I know you had girlfriends. But they weren't me," Sam explained. "I wasn't going to assume you'd still be attracted to me looking like this."

"You're still hot, Sam," Peter told him.

"I guess. It just feels weird," Sam said. "Like it's wrong for me to touch you. I...I guess I can't explain it, and this has never happened to you, so..."

"Don't stay away on my account," Peter reminded him.

Sam gave Peter one more slightly concerned look, and then scooted back so they were closer together again. "Better?"

Peter smiled at how close they were. "Much better."

"Thank you," Sam said. "For, you know, being you, and being so understanding." He really was insanely lucky, girl parts or no.

"It's all part of being crazy in love with you," Peter told him.

Sam smiled a little, and moved closer still. "Did you say something about food? I think I could eat."

"We can eat and do whatever you want," Peter said. "You've had a rough day. Days. Either way I think you get to choose."

"Maybe we could watch a movie or something?" Sam said. "I don't really feel like going out."

"I'll even let you pick the film," Peter told him.

Sam grinned at Peter. Between the attention and Peter's reassurance, he was feeling better than he had all day. "I'll pick a good one, I promise," he said. He really did have the best boyfriend ever.


So, are you a hot girl too?

Dinah, don't sound like a bad internet chatroom.

It's your ex-wife!

Attach: Muscles.jpg


Hey, look at that, she got a smile out of Sam.

You're looking more like a hot ex-husband. You still stuck too?


Y. Am Sad. D:

Dinah sighed. Peter hit too? Also, life weird as guy.


NO. >.< Peter never gets hit. Life weird as girl too. Still can't get the hang of breasts.


ad;lfkjfkd hOW IS THAT FAIR?

Stupid perfect Peter. Gah! ... she'd probably still find him hot, too.

Miss my breasts. Not fond of trade. Balance all off.

You have a bra, y?


Yes, thankfully. I saved one just in case. Stupid Fandom, not leaving us alone. Especially when they were gone. Getting into any trouble around others?


Helena threatened me! Didn't realize I was me. It had been pretty hilarious when she did. Dinah hadn't quit giggling for half an hour.

And letting friends hit on me. Gone soon, no worries. Flirt flirt flirrrrrt.


You think we'll be okay soon?

Not that Sam was worried or anything.


Hope so! DNW to flunk out!

Look, she had a 3.6 right now. She didn't want to mess that up!

Going 2 class?


No! Had to skip! Can't keep this up for very long.

They were nerds, but at least they had each other.


Solidarity in scholarly frustration at sexual involuntary transformation!

If is longer than a week, I want hazard pay. From someone.

How that pay would manifest is best left to the imagination.


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