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Peter and Sam's Apt., NYC, Wednesday Afternoon
Now that all of his finals were over, Sam was celebrating by...packing for his trip back to Fandom. It still felt weird to be heading back, especially since Peter wasn't coming with him, but Sam knew that Zoe needed help with Grace, even if she wouldn't admit it, and he did miss the island, even if he wouldn't admit it. He wasn't leaving until Saturday, but that didn't mean he was going to do all of his packing later. Sam had a feeling that someone was going to try to distract him when he had the chance, so starting to get prepared now seemed like a good idea.

Who, Peter?

Well yes, Peter. Particularly in the form of a wrapped, rectangular object that he was hiding behind his back.

"Whatcha doing?" Peter asked.

"Trying to decide what clothes to bring that won't remind me too much of you," Sam said, turning around and smiling at Peter. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to figure out what I can put into your luggage that will remind you of me," Peter replied.

"Everything in Fandom will remind me of you, and I'm going to miss you every single day," Sam promised. "You don't need to worry that I'll forget about you."

"You might get lonely," Peter pointed out. "Plus your bed's gonna be freezing cold without me."

"You'll just have to come and visit me and warm me up when I can't stand it anymore," Sam said. "You know, when you're not busy saving everyone in the city." There might have been a proud tone behind that statement.

"You know anytime you want me I can be there in a snap," Peter said, snapping his fingers to demonstrate - well the fingers of his free hand anyway. "All you have to do is ask."

"I know. That's why I'm not so worried about leaving," Sam said, shifting his weight to try to see behind Peter. "What have you got there?"

"Nothing?" Peter replied, looking not at all serious and more like he was fishing for a kiss.

"Yeah, right." Sam laughed and went over to Peter, leaning in to give him a kiss before trying to reach around behind him for the box.

Peter kissed Sam back, then let go of the package. "Happy birthday."

"I'm sorry I was busy on my birthday. I just wanted to make sure I did well on that last final, you know?" Sam said, taking the package and opening it. For a moment, he just stared, and then the embarrassing noises started. "Seriously? This is for me? I can't believe you!"

"It's not for my other boyfriend," Peter teased. "Besides, you've earned it after all the work you've done at school this year."

"This is going to make doing work even easier," Sam said, hugging the box to his chest like the computer loving geek that he was. "You are the most amazing guy ever. You always know exactly what will make me happy."

Peter relaxed, glad that Sam had liked the present. "I'm glad. I wasn't sure if it was your thing but I figured you could use it with all your school stuff, plus we can keep in touch easier..."

"Hey, it's technology, it's totally my thing," Sam teased. "And anything that'll make it easier to keep in touch with you is awesome," he added, before giving Peter another kiss.

Peter kissed Sam back. "Just think of the video chatting we could do..."

Sam turned beet red and gave Peter a hard nudge. "I'm staying with Zoe and Grace. I don't know if that'd be a good idea."

"You don't have a door that closes?" Peter retorted.

"Of course I do. But...what if Grace...I don't know," Sam said, still looking embarrassed. "I'll have to lock the door too."

"Aren't I worth it?" Peter asked, teasing.

"You're worth everything, and you know it," Sam said, shooting Peter a playfully dirty look. "That's part of why I'm going to miss you so much."

"I'll miss you too," Peter said. "But it's good that you'll be spending time with family. Grace probably won't let you out of her sight."

"I won't let her out of my sight either probably," Sam said, looking more grateful. "I knew you'd understand about me needing to be with family. You get how important they are to me, even though you're important too."

"Of course," Peter said. "If it was reversed you'd understand me going somewhere to spend the summer with Nathan. Family's important, always."

"I would totally understand," Sam said. "And I would come and visit you and steal you away from him every once in a while. And maybe I'd video chat with you inappropriately too."

"You'd better," Peter said, laughing. "Otherwise I'll get dragged to every social event in the Hamptons. I'd need you to save me."

"I will always save you from unnecessary swanky social events," Sam managed to say with a straight face. He had almost - almost - gotten used to the kinds of unique problems that came with Peter's life.

"My hero," Peter said. He tried to slip an arm around Sam's waist to pull him closer.

As much as Sam was looking forward to going back to Fandom, it was ridiculous how much he going to miss Peter. He let himself be pulled closer, and leaned down to give Peter another, longer kiss. He was going to get as many of those in as he could before he had to go.


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