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Office Hours, Thursday
Sam was still feeling gleeful over the whole office thing, and today, he'd set up his laptop near the open window so he could enjoy the warm air while he looked for safe websites for his class. It was, at the moment, a sadly short list, at least partly because he kept getting distracted by the view outside. Maybe sitting by the window hadn't been the brightest idea, but he wasn't going to get up now.

[Door and post are open, and I'm on SP until 4pm. Oh testing, how you kill me.]

Bobby had carefully thought through all the possible reasons the teacher could have called him to his office. He didn't think he'd done anything wrong, but then you never knew.

So he was knocking on the doorframe a little bit tentatively. "You wanted to see me, Mr. Winchester? I mean, Sam."

"Bobby, hi! Come on in," Sam said, waving to gesture for him to sit down. "I'm glad you got my message. I wanted to talk to you, if you've got some time."

"Well yeah, of course I do," Bobby said instantly. "I mean, you said you went here, right? So you know, it's not like we have a lot of classes. Mom makes me take extra ones on the computer, but it's still not very busy."

He sat down, realising Sam didn't want to hear any of that. "Um. I didn't do anything wrong, right?"

"No, not at all," Sam said, shaking his head. "Actually, you did something right, kind of." Really, what he'd done was remind Sam of when he'd been young and impressionable, but he was pretty sure that hadn't been something Bobby had chosen to do. "Have you ever been a TA before here?"

"Yeah!" Bobby bounced up in excitement. "I was the Doctor's TA last year. But really all I was supposed to do was make sure Cara didn't hurt anyone." He paused. "She has a temper, but she's really nice! And I taught once. We talked about Mars."

Sam couldn't help but laugh at Bobby's enthusiasm. "Well, I don't know if I'll need help making sure no one hurts anyone, but I might need help keeping Topher from trying to take over the world," he said. "Although my main worry is that my boyfriend is still in New York, and sometimes there's trouble." The emo bangs had a trouble magnet in them, seriously. "If I have to go help him, I want to make sure my class will be in good hands."

"I can help try to keep people from taking over the world," Bobby decided. He had to consider though. "Hopefully they'll be okay with being talked out of it because I'm not sure taking over the world's a very good thing to do, but I couldn't find anyone really. I'm better at running."

Focus, Bobby, refocus on the actual question. "I can definitely do that! And if you don't have a lesson plan, we can maybe all play Mars Landing. Though the graphics are very 2004."

"Considering some people in the class are from long before 2004, I don't think that'll be a problem," Sam said. "And I'm sure you can be very persuasive when you want to be." Bobby had the power of cute going for him, after all. "I'm glad you said yes. I don't know who else I would have asked."

It was nearly a superpower, oh yes. "True. Maybe they wouldn't necessarily relate to the spaceship landing thing," he pondered. "I will definitely consider that and find something good! I mean, hopefully it won't be necessary cause I hope there's no trouble for your boyfriend, but if something comes up."

Bobby beamed at Sam. "Thank you for asking me! I like being able to help." And it looked good on college applications.


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