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16 Unicorn Street, Thursday Evening
Sam had missed Peter like crazy this summer, but everything that had happened last week had made the distance between Fandom and New York seem even greater. (Especially since, technically speaking, he was a lot farther away than usual.) Finally, Sam had broken down and asked Peter if he could spare some time for a visit, fully intending to fill him in on the whole sickness and monsters bit, if only to be able to vent about it now that it was over, and Peter couldn't get hurt trying to help.

But then Peter had arrived, and it had been so long since Sam had actually laid eyes on him and not just talked to him, and Zoe was out with Grace, and Peter had looked so good, and one thing had led to another and talking had been set to the side for the sake of tearing each others' clothes off.

Sam probably would have felt more guilty if Peter hadn't enjoyed it as much as he had.

With their more pressing needs taken care of, Sam and Peter were resting in Sam's bed, relaxing all curled up together. "Okay, maybe I miss you a little less right now," he said with a grin.

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"I certainly feel more relaxed," Peter replied. He ran his hand down Sam's chest, refamiliarizing himself with the sense of having Sam near. "Bed feels better too."

"It definitely feels better with you in it," Sam said, watching the movement of Peter's hand. "I'm glad you came here."

"You've got a great way of showing it," Peter told him. "Hopefully that's not how you welcome everybody when they visit."

"Only you. You know you're special," Sam said. "Obviously, I shouldn't have waited so long to get you back here."

"We were both busy," Peter said, to show there were no hard feelings. "We're both here now and making up for lost time." Not that Peter wasn't tempted to stop time so he and Sam had more time together.

"I bet you were busier than me. And doing more important things, with all the life-saving," Sam said, nuzzling at Peter's neck like that was a reward for being so awesome.

Peter tilted his head to make Sam's job easier. "What about you? Shaping the young minds of Fandom. That's pretty important, if you ask me."

"Assuming they use what I teach them," Sam said, continuing his trail of kisses. "I'm not saving their lives, most of the time."

"Just some of the time?" Peter asked.

"Occasionally," Sam said between kisses, thinking for a moment about how to talk without ruining their nice moment. "You know, when things get crazy."

Peter looked up at Sam. "Did things get crazy?"

"A little," Sam said, before going back to Peter's neck. Mmmmm, distraction kisses.

Peter liked kisses, but caring for other people was part of Peter's DNA - especially when it was Sam. "A little? What happened?"

Sam kept kissing, if only because it kept him from having to make eye contact with Peter. "Some kind of meteor landed in the cabin area, and it made people go kind of crazy and turn into these weird looking monsters," he explained. "Zoe got hit bad 'cause her and all the other administrative folks went to check it out first and didn't realize it was nasty."

"Is she okay?" Peter asked. Granted there probably wouldn't have been sexing if Zoe or anyone else had still been in trouble, but Peter was Peter so he had to ask. "Grace? You?"

"She's fine now. It all reversed itself once people got the rock off the island," Sam said reassuringly. "Mr. Summers took Jan and Grace away so nothing would happen to them, so she didn't get sick at all." See, there hadn't been any reason to worry Peter.

"And you?" Peter asked, because he'd met Sam before.

"I was fine, I promise. I spent most of my time in the library," Sam said, running his hand across Peter's stomach. "It's always been my second home."

Peter tried to look into Sam's eyes to be sure Sam was okay. "You didn't get hurt? Or exhaust yourself?"

"I probably didn't get enough sleep? 'Cause I was worried about Zoe and Grace being gone," Sam admitted, meeting Peter's eyes to let him know he was serious. "But I didn't get hurt at all, I swear. I didn't even fight anything, no matter how much I wanted to."

Peter would certainly be glad if Sam hadn't been hurt, but he still had to check. "Hurt, maimed, bumped, bruised - even a paper cut. Anything at all?"

Sam had to laugh at that list. "I got paper cuts on all my fingers, but they got better," he teased.

Peter reached for Sam's hand, as though to check. "Promise? How about sleep? Did you get enough sleep?"

"I've gotten plenty of sleep this week. I'm fine, Peter, I promise," Sam said, giving Peter's hand a squeeze. "You don't have to worry about me."

"Would you worry about me if I told you the story you just told me?" Peter asked.

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