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The Beach, Wednesday Morning
Sam and Peter had noticed the dark clouds swirling around Fandom's sky, and while they had a decent enough view from Zoe and John's house (which was still Zoe's and John's no matter where Sam's dad had ended up), they'd agreed that getting a closer look would be a good idea. In retrospect, Sam wondered if he should have verbally told Zoe they were heading for the beach, but he figured the note he'd left on the kitchen table was notice enough.

"Am I allowed to say I have a bad feeling about this, or am I going to owe someone money?" he asked, glancing back and forth between Peter and the clouds.

[For ze boyfriend!]

"You'll owe but that doesn't mean you're wrong," Peter replied. He studied the clouds. "I wonder if my water power would be useful?"

Somewhere back in New York Nathan Petrelli facepalmed. Because of course Peter's reaction would be to face the Nothing and immediately want to poke at it.

"What would you try to do to it?" Sam asked, since he was apparently the only one with anything close to logic at the moment.

"Control it," Peter said. "If it's made of water vapor maybe I could dissipate it."

"I don't know. Have you ever tried to control something that big before?" Sam asked, wracking his brain to try to remember.

"Individual drops of water vapor aren't that big," Peter replied. He was kidding. Sort of.

Sam reached down to try to give Peter's hand a squeeze. "There's a lot of droplets there though. I can't believe that's all being held back."

Yes, that was totally the smart thing to say right now, Sam.

Peter squeezed Sam's hand in return. "I just want to do something. All my powers, one of them's got to be useful, right?"

"I know you want to help. I do too," Sam said, gazing up when he caught sight of something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like the forcefield...blinked? No, that couldn't be. But he couldn't find it in the skyline anymore, not with how the clouds seemed to be rolling in.

"Maybe you could research?" Peter suggested, turning to face Sam. Not that he wanted Sam out of his sight, but neither did Peter want Sam in the path of danger.

Which made it ironic that Peter had just turned his back on the most dangerous thing of all - Nothing, which could move faster than Peter could realize and teleport both him and Sam to safety.

The four months that Sam had spent thinking Peter was dead had been one of the worst times of his life, and when he got Peter back, Sam had been glad to see that Peter's invincibility was intact, and that he'd never go through that again.

That, of course, had been before the clouds swept up along the shore, and Peter vanished.

Really, Sam's decision had been made long before this. When Dean had disappeared, the only thought Sam had had beyond his anger was Thank God I still have Peter. He'd been thinking about that ever since, about how much Peter really meant to him compared to Dean, who'd never been anywhere but first on his priority list. But the fact was, Sam couldn't imagine living without Peter. He wanted Dean back, of course, but the feeling of terror in the pit of his stomach when Peter was gone was like the one he'd felt when Isabel told him about Peter and Nathan and the explosion...

So, really, the only choice was to step into the cloud and meet it head on. It certainly wasn't the smartest idea he'd ever had, and if he'd gone with his brain instead of his heart, he might have tried to run. But it was too late to turn back now, and Sam was gone just as quickly as Peter had been, to join him wherever he'd ended up. It was the only solution that made sense right now.

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