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Fandom Radio, Sunday, October 4
Hey everyone. This is Sam Winchester, and I hope you're all having a great time with your visitors this week. Let's see what the squirrels caught everyone doing yesterday.

Things were pretty busy at the school since a lot of the teachers were hanging out in their offices to talk to visitors. Zoe got a visit from someone named Eric, who wanted to know how Four was doing. Obi-Wan got covered in a glitter blast as he came into his office, which amused the heck out of Anakin.

*excited chittering*

No, it didn't make them kiss, Obi-Wan just... well, asked Anakin to help him clean up. Anyway, moving on! Lito was using his office time to send home pictures of the school while he and his friend Daniela picked a play for his students to perform. April came by with her friend Mal, and they talked about potential plays the class could do. Gandalf came by to ask about Thorin, but Daniela was interested in the fact that he's a prince. And a teenager, just to point that out. Bond was in his office, and the squirrels feel I need to mention that he was fully dressed, with a frowny face. Oh, how I missed this. Harry Hart came by to ask about Eggsy, and he and Bond were very polite and British at each other.

Brian was looking over the decorations in his office, while Hannibal had classical music playing and warm coffee and tea waiting. Yeah, I think he wins. Jono came to visit Hannibal, and they talked about Didi's dad visiting. Ghanima was using her office time to deal with politics at home, Claire was looking very professional in her office, and Bob's office didn't look like he spent much time in it, but he was there for visitors anyway. Clint got visited by Gandalf, who informed him that he was teaching sexual education to a prince, and May Parker, who informed him that she knew another version of him and was surprised by the class he was teaching. May Parker also visited Anakin and gave him a piece of her mind about the droid baby project. She wasn't a fan, it seems.

Things were also pretty busy in town, apparently. At Kitty and Clint's place, Kitty talked to Clint's brother Barney about their upcoming wedding and how weird it is to Barney that Clint is even getting married in the first place. Oh good, I'm not the only one weirding out their brother, awesome. Atton didn't have any guests, so he and Sparkle hid in their apartment, watched bad sci-fi television, and talked about the scarring possibility of Obi-Wan and Anakin making out. I... don't think that will happen, if that makes things any better? April and her friend Mal went exploring through the woods, and at the Perk, Gwen and her Aunt May talked about her classes, the Student Council, and being made to do the radio by the squirrels.

*nervous chittering*

Yeah, May didn't like you guys offering teenagers rum either, so you might want to watch that while she's still here. At Freedom Arms, Bellamy was cleaning some guns, and Dani was working in the stables at The Gig when she got a surprise visit from her brother, who was partly here for a visit and partly here to get her advice. At Groovy Tunes, Jono was catching up on emails; Harry Hart stopped in to see how Eggsy was doing at work, Eric stopped in for a visit, and Didi came by to introduce Jono and her dad. Hopefully that was nice, and not awkward.

Finally, there was an art show at the community center featuring the work of students for everyone to come and see. Mal asked April if he could get wine, and Kathy tried to get Dante to tell her what he'd told her little sister, since her little sister seems to know Kathy's capable of flirting now. Nate was glad that only student art was being displayed, and he and Sophie checked out what the students had done. As for the art, Frank had a piece about how many bottles of booze he'd emptied over the course of the day, which Nate thought was interesting based on the good taste in liquor displayed. Isabela's piece was... um, someone named Zevran who was wearing underwear and a ton of glitter. This is why your principal drinks at night, people. April admired the living art while May just looked at him disapprovingly, especially when Zevran flirted with her, oh dear god. Kathy tried to get her sister to stop appreciating Zevran and his glitter, and Nate had to make sure Sophie knew he didn't look good in glitter. Then Dante outright flirted with Zevran, and they went off to find Isabela together.

April's piece was a scarf she embroidered with different things that represented herself which Sophie thought was particuarly lovely. Someone's project was a white-painted canvas with, um, the F-word written on it, which Sophie tried to make sound like art to Nate and Kathy just figured was Dante's. Gwen's project was a black cloth on a canvas with some glitter on it, and yet it doesn't look like it was named "Student Council" like I expected. Nate called her on not really knowing what her piece was about, but Gwen didn't back down. Alana's piece was a barely dressed, but also fairly tasteful selfie, and Kathy finished the show out by singing for everyone, awww. Over by the drinks, Frank met up with a slightly scary ghost that wanted to haunt him--


Okay, knowing it was a clown brings it up to genuinely scary, thanks for that. Sarah tried to figure out what kind of scary clown he was - clowns don't need classification, honestly! He also tried to scare Parker, but she was unfazed. Because adults aren't afraid of clowns. Obviously. Like, at all.

So, uh, I'm going to get out of here now--because the notes are done, that's all. Have a safe rest of the weekend!


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