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JFK Airport, Late Thursday Night
The fact that Sam was still upright at this moment in time was a miracle, but then, Sam figured he could use all the miracles he could get right now, so he wasn't going to complain.

He hadn't slept at all since he'd had his vision, too busy researching everything he could remember seeing. He'd started with all the heavily Irish cities he could think of, but it wasn't until his trails started coming up cold that Sam remembered the box of money - non-American money. Once he went against all common sense and started looking in the actual country of Ireland, he finally started hitting paydirt, enough paydirt to send him to the airport, waiting to get on the first international flight of his life.

Sam didn't know what Peter might be doing in Cork, Ireland - assuming that Sam had found the right place, and that Peter was still there and still alive - but he was more than ready to find out. He'd packed lightly, with nothing more than a backpack full of basic supplies, and had bought a ticket online with one of his dad's credit cards. He'd find a way to pay him back later, and with an eleven and a half hour flight ahead of him, he wondered if he'd be able to sleep, or if worrying about Peter would keep his heart racing enough to keep him conscious. Either way, Sam thought he was prepared for anything, until he reached the counter to check in and get his ticket.

"I'll need to see your ID and your passport," the attendant said, far too chirpy for someone working at the dead of night.

Sam had dozens of different forms of ID, and he'd remembered to bring the driver's license that matched the credit card he'd used, but the passport was a different story. "I...I'm just checking in," he said. "I already gave all of my information when I bought the ticket."

"I just need to verify everything, for security purposes," the attendant replied, taking his license and looking at Sam expectantly for the rest.

In a flash, Sam started to feel the same panic he'd felt when he came out of his vision, a kind of helplessness at being so close to finding Peter, but trapped just short of where he needed to be. Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn't been eating much either. Maybe it was just encountering one more obstacle in the path to finding Peter. Whatever the reason, all it took was a moment to think about what to do before Sam leaned over the counter and locked eyes with the attendant. "You don't need to see my passport," he said fiercely.

Sam had never used Andy's ability before, but something still flickered in the attendant's eyes at the force behind Sam's words, and just as quickly, she was all smiles again. "Oh, you're right, how silly of me," she said, handing Sam his license and ticket. "Here's your boarding pass. Enjoy your flight!"

"Thanks. I'm sure I will," Sam said, smiling falsely in return. He shifted his backpack to his other shoulder, and took a deep breath before heading towards security. In his haste to pack everything he might need, Sam realized he'd forgotten to leave his weapons at the apartment, and he had a feeling he was going to have a bit more talking ahead of him.

[OOC: Anakin: *sighs*]

[OOC: Castiel: *seconds and thirds the sighing*]

[Sam: It was just a little mind control, geez. I didn't even hurt anyone!]


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