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16 Unicorn Street, Late Saturday/Early Sunday
There was no reasonable explanation for why Sam was wide awake right now. He was tired and he was jetlagged and he hadn't gotten a decent night's sleep in ages, but the fact remained that he just couldn't fall asleep, even with Peter warm and curled up at his side. Although he'd promised to stay close to Peter, there was one thing he needed to do before he could try to rest peacefully, even if he didn't end up sleeping. Sneaking quietly out of the bedroom, he went downstairs and grabbed his cell, dialing quickly and hoping that there would be time zone differences working in his favor.

[For one!]

Dean had just got nicely asleep when his cell rang. Without opening his eyes, he grabbed it and answered. "Listen, just call her and ask her to teach you to dance," he said, assuming it was Cas again.

Sam stared at the phone for a second, making sure he'd dialed the right number. "Hey Dean," he said. "You know I'm not the dancing type."

"Sammy?" That woke Dean up fast. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, I do, sorry," Sam said, sincerely apologetic. "But this is important and I couldn't sleep and I really didn't want to wait."

"What's wrong?"

Sam laughed. "Actually, nothing's wrong, that's why I'm calling. Dean, I found Peter."

"You have?" Dean was already pushing the blankets down and reaching for his pants. "Where is he? Alec and I can be at Fandom before noon tomorrow-"

"He's here, at the house," Sam said. "I can't take him back to New York right now - it's kind of a long story, but I don't know how safe it is there - so I brought him here."

Dean stopped in his frantic to get dressed movements. "So he just showed up?"

"No, I found him, in freaking Ireland of all places," Sam said. He still didn't know how Peter had gotten there, and that was one of the most disturbing parts of this whole thing to him. "I had a vision of him, finally, and it gave me enough details to be able to track him down. Can you believe it?"

"So," Dean said slowly, "you had a vision and instead of calling me to help, you went off halfway around the world all by yourself into who knows what?"

That made Sam pause for a moment as he started to realize what Dean might have though he was saying. "There wasn't time. I needed to get over there right away," he said. "And I went by plane. You wouldn't have wanted to come anyway."

"I wouldn't have- Sammy, for someone as smart as you are, you can really be an idiot," Dean told him, voice getting tight with exasperation.

"What? I'm sorry I didn't call you sooner," Sam said, more sincerely this time to balance out how Dean sounded. "But everything worked out fine. Better than fine, even."

"And what if it hadn't?" Dean said, exasperation creeping over into outright anger. "I thought we had a deal, Sam. You weren't supposed to go it alone. You were supposed to call me!"

"I would have called you if I'd gotten into trouble," Sam insisted, a little quieter now. "But it all happened so fast, and I thought Peter was going to get shot so I didn't have time to sit and make a plan of attack, I had to just go."

"Takes a while to get to Ireland," Dean pointed out. "You could've called any time during that. But you didn't."

Sam had to admit, that was a pretty valid point. "I was busy freaking out about Peter," he explained. "And you hate planes. Would you really have flown across an ocean to hunt down a lead that might not have even led anywhere?"

"Hell, yeah!" Dean yelled. "If it means having your back, I'd fly over all the freaking oceans! You should know that!!"

"I'm sorry," Sam said again. "If it makes you feel any better, there wasn't really anything you would have had to have my back for. I just asked around about Peter, and eventually people talked and I found him. I don't think I was ever in danger."


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