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Peter's Apt, NYC, Tuesday Evening
Yes, it was still Peter's apartment in Sam's mind, even though he was making his presence more ad more visible as the day went on. He'd gotten all of his clothes unpacked, and a designated Scout area had been set up by Sam's desk, with his food and water and toys. Now, Sam was tackling his books and trying to decide the best way to organize them. Peter had cleared out more than enough space for him, so it was just a matter of deciding how geeky his organizational system should be.

[For one!]

Raven had sent her Soul-Self back to Fandom for help, but her father's power and Goronn's interference disoriented her. She felt a familiar emotional signature and zeroed in on it, manifesting her shadow-raven self in a New York apartment. For a moment she was confused, not recognizing where she was, until she saw Sam.

"Sam!" she called. Don't ask how her voice as coming from a shadow.

Sam might not ask out loud, but he was definitely considering the question as he looked up. "Uh, hi?" he said, shutting his book.

"It is Raven, my Soul-Self," she said. Just in case he hadn't figured that part out. "Our friends are in danger! We need your help or I fear they will come to serious harm!"

Melodramatic Raven was...melodramatic.

Melodramatic or not, she got Sam's full attention with that. "What kind of danger?" he asked, getting up from the floor. "Where do you need me?"

"They are in the Netherverse," Raven explained. If she could've wrung her wings in distress she would have. "I brought them there to witness a ritual to bar my father from this world, but it failed." Stupid Justice League. "And now Trigon has sent his minion Goronn through first to destroy them."

Sam understood about half of that, but it didn't sound good. "Yeah, I'm not going to let that happen," he said. "What do you need me to do?"

Raven was hesitant to bring another friend into danger, but she knew Sam had his own gifts and was familiar with fighting demons. "I can take you there with me," she said. "I have an idea on how to make the demon vulnerable, and then with your powers you can help destroy him."

She also hated advocating violence, but.

Sam wasn't a huge fan of violence, but sometimes it was necessary, especially if it meant protecting his friends. "All right, I'll come with you," he said. "I'll do whatever I can to help."


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