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Columbia University, Monday Afternoon
After an amazing morning with the best boyfriend ever, Sam had nervously gone off to his first day of orientation. He hadn't known what to expect, but in the end, it wasn't nearly as terrifying as his imagination had led him to believe. He'd had to do a lot of listening and fill out a tree's worth of paperwork, and yes, there was threats of getting-to-know-you games later in the day, but it was totally worth it for the feeling of being a real, normal college student.

At the moment, he was sitting on a bench, looking over his schedule and trying to plan study time around it. It was going to be so weird taking classes that didn't have to do with invasions and fighting monsters.

[For one!]

It had taken a while for Dean to track his brother down on the campus, but he was nothing if not determined and it wasn't like Sam faded into a crowd.

So he did finally spot him sitting on a bench, looking studious. "Behold the geek in his native environment," he quipped as he walked up.

Sam's head whipped up when he heard his brother's voice. "Dean?" he said, looking around in disbelief. "What are you doing here?"

"Checking up on my little brother," Dean said with a grin.

"What?" Sam asked. It was probably going to take him a minute to catch up from his surprise. "But...did you call me? Did I miss a message or something?"

"Nah." He sat down beside Sam. "I wanted to surprise you." He made a ta da gesture. "Surprise!"

" did you find me?" Sam asked. "What are you doing here? Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine," Dean quickly reassured him. "And dude, I do know what school you go to. Doesn't take a genius to find out first day." He paused. "Though okay, I did charm a girl in the registrar's office to get a copy of your schedule."

Sam narrowed his eyes at Dean, although he couldn't help but smile a little too. "I would have told you what my schedule was if you'd told me you were coming." Probably. "I know, you hate me being here. I never thought you'd come here."

"It wouldn't have been much of a surprise if I told you I was coming," Dean pointed out.

"You saying you wanted to visit me would have been a surprise, I promise," Sam said, breaking into more of a smile. "Did you have any trouble getting here? What do you think of the city? Isn't it great?" It was possible some of the geek mode had been turned on by Dean's presence.

Dean chuckled. "It's big," he said. "But it's okay. Have you actually managed to see any of it beyond Peter's apartment?" he teased.

"Yes!" Sam insisted, although the light blush that came over him might have spoken to how much time he spent in the apartment. "I've been doing touristy stuff. And wandering all over campus so I know where my classes are."

"Are you happy?" Dean asked, because that was the most important thing. The thing that made it doable letting Sam go off on his own.

Sam took a moment to respond, because he wasn't sure if Dean would like the answer. "Yeah, I am. Really happy," he said. "Peter's been amazing and school sounds so awesome...I know it's not what you want for me, but I really do love it here."

And Dean was getting a little tired hearing about what he wanted and didn't want. "Okay, let's clear something up -- the only thing I want for you is for you to be happy. And, okay, not to cut your family out of your life, but beyond that."

"Okay, okay, I get it," Sam said. "I am happy. Really happy. And I have no intention of cutting you guys out of my life just because I'm happy here."

"Better not because if you do, I'll just break in in the middle of the night and drink up your beer," Dean warned.

"Scout will totally bark at you if you try that. Or, you know, lick you to death." Sam said.

"Scout loves me," Dean protested, then admitted, "so yeah, okay, he might try the licking thing."

"He misses you as much as I do," Sam said. He wasn't really making an argument for Dean to not break into the apartment at this rate.


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