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Peter's (and Sam's) Apt, NYC, Late Sunday Evening
Sam was well into his second semester of college, and the shiny still hadn't worn off. He still loved his school, and his classes, and his classmates, and everything about being in New York. He did not, however, love tests, especially when they came one right after another with midterms looming not that far in the distance.

He'd spent almost the whole weekend studying, and despite being on his third cup of coffee, he'd reached the point where history was starting to combine with biology which was starting to combine with calculus, and none of his notes were making sense. Admitting temporary defeat, Sam had put his head down to close his eyes and try to keep his vision from swimming. That? Had been over an hour ago.

Hopefully, he wasn't drooling on anything important.

[For the boyfriend!]

When Peter got home from work the first thing he looked for was Sam. He was about to call Sam's name when he saw that Sam was asleep.

Granted that Sam probably needed the sleep, but the position he was in couldn't possibly be comfortable. Peter went over to Sam's side. He moved to lay a light hand on Sam's back and gently massage it.

Peter's hand felt very soothing, and Sam stirred just a little, his eyes still closed. "Hmmm, five more minutes?" he murmured.

"Maybe," Peter replied, keeping his voice as soft as his touch. He moved his hand higher to try to massage the back of Sam's neck.

Sam made a content noise at how nice Peter's hand felt on his neck, and woke up enough to open his eyes and come face to face with his own handwriting. "Oh God," he said sharply, trying to sit up.

"Easy," Peter said. He stood back enough to give Sam room to move. "You might have a crick in your neck."

Sam might have had a crick in his neck, but he was a lot more focused on looking at his watch. "Tell me you're home early and my watch is wrong."

"I could but I'd be lying," Peter said. "But if you're okay with that then sure, I'm early and your watch is wrong."

Sam sighed and started straightening up his papers. "I'm glad you're home safe, as always, but I just spent way too much time passed out. God, I am so screwed," he said, rubbing his forehead.

Peter moved to massage Sam's shoulders. He looked over the desk. "Seems like you got a lot done since I left."

The massage felt too good to ignore, and Sam sank back into Peter's touch automatically. "I did, I guess. I just don't know if it's enough to get an A on these tests." Because, of course, anything less was just like failing.

"With your big brain?" Peter asked. "I don't think it's possible for you to get anything other than an A."

"I wish I was half as confident as you are," Sam said, flipping through his papers again. "You'll still love me if I flunk out of college and lose my scholarship and have to work at a Starbucks or something for the rest of my life, won't you?"

Peter snickered. "I'll love you even if you get an A minus."

"I might settle for a B plus. I could bring that up," Sam said, looking over his notes with another sigh. "I should probably read these over again one more time."

"Or maybe you should go to bed?" Peter said, not really asking even though he phrased it as a question.

"I just slept for like, an hour. That's more than enough time," Sam said, like that had any chance of working on Peter.

"You only woke up because I woke you," Peter pointed out. He gave a light tug on Sam's shoulders. "C'mon. Come to bed."

"Peter, I have to pass these tests," Sam said, giving protesting one more shot. "I just need to study for a little while longer."

"You won't pass your test if you fall asleep during it either," Peter pointed out.

Sam tried to think of a good response to that but, well, he was a little too tired. "Fine. But I'm getting up early so I can study then," he said, like Peter wouldn't mess with his alarm to fix that too.

"Just so long as you come to bed and get sleep," Peter said. He wasn't thinking about messing with Sam's alarm. Why do that when he could stop time to make sure Sam got the rest he needed?

If Sam was more awake and less worried about school, he might have thought of telling Peter not to waste his powers on stopping time. So, it was possible that he needed this rest, no matter how much he didn't want to admit it. "You're coming too, right? Once you're ready to sleep?" Eventually, whatever, as long as Peter ended up next to him.

"I'm coming with you right now," Peter said. He guided Sam towards their bedroom. "Play your cards right and I might even do it shirtless."

"Oh, well, if you'd said that from the start, I might have come a lot sooner," Sam teased, letting himself be guided. "I'll be good, I promise."


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