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16 Unicorn Street, Saturday Evening
Sam had thought that once he and Peter had graduated, they wouldn't see a certain adorable child again until, well, she actually existed. Then Zoe had called, with unmistakable squealing in the background, and once again, Sam was glad to have a boyfriend who could teleport so they didn't have to worry about dealing with Portalocity.

"Man, we didn't even go to prom. Do you think doing, you know, typical post-prom things counts even if you're away from Fandom?" Yes, he was still trying to figure this place out. Old habits died hard.

"I think Fandom tends to stick around no matter how far away you get," Peter replied.

"Yeah, remind me about that the next time I turn into a girl at home too," Sam said, knocking on the door as more of a warning than anything else, and opening it to peer inside. "Hello?"

"Daddy Daddy Dad Dad!" Maria yelled, bouncing off the couch and running to yank at the door. "You made it!"

"Hey there!" Peter immediately went to scoop Maria into a hug. Because Petrellis would die if they didn't hug each other.

Maria squeezed Peter as tightly as she could, since it had been more than an hour since she'd seen him last. "I thought you'd be here! I wouldn't have gone in the portal if you weren't here, I promise! I went straight to Grandma! Am I in trouble?"

"Sounds to me like you did pretty well," Peter said. Because why not encourage his great self-preservation instincts into another generation?

"You ended up somewhere safe. That's what matters," Sam insisted with a nod. "Have you been good for Grandma?"

"Uh huh. I played with Grace and helped with laundry, and then she showed me how to clean a gun!" Maria said with a little gleam in her eye.

"Isn't Grace a little young for that?" Peter asked.

"And you! Too young! Way too young!" Sam said, nearing the point of flail.

Maria looked up at them and dissolved into giggles. "Grandma said she'd give me a dollar if I told you that. I know I have to get taller first!"

"Figuring out how to take bribes," Peter observed, grinning. "She's definitely part Petrelli."

"Who knew Zoe would turn out to be the evil grandmother?" Sam teased. Well, half-teased, at least.

"It's always the ones you least suspect," Peter said, teasing back.

"I guess if Maria can lie believably, she must be part Winchester too," Sam said, with a tiny smirk.

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