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Peter and Sam's Apartment, NYC, Sunday Evening
Waking up as a girl yesterday had been met with a sigh, which only doubled in intensity when Sam realized that Peter was his normal male self. Apparently, Fandom weird was only allowed to hit him--at least, that was Sam's whiny story and he was sticking to it. Thankfully, he'd had plenty of things to do inside this weekend, and his study group had totally bought his emails about being sick. For the moment, he was buried in his government textbook and trying not to think too hard about this being his last semester of college. If he turned into a girl wherever he went next, he wasn't sure what he'd do.

[Open for calls and texts and such!]

And hey! Who wanted a call from their big brother?

Not Sam! But, he answered the phone anyway, prepared to pretend he wasn't himself. "Hello?"

"Is this Sammy or is my baby brother stepping out?"

Wasn't he the best brother ever?

"It's Sam," he said, very specifically using that name. Geez, Dean. "I take it you're having a fun weekend too?"


"Not as stacked as I'd like."

Okay, that got a laugh out of Sam. "I'm glad you're adjusting. Maybe they'll be bigger next time? With this stuff, you never know."

"Really?" That was interesting. "What do you look like?"

Sam looked down at himself and sighed. "For one thing, I'm a lot shorter," he said. "Peter says I'm adorable but I don't know about that. Are you at least a hot woman?"

"I, uh," Dean floundered. "I look like mom."

Oh ouch, that had to be less than fun. "I guess that's not too surprising," Sam said gently. "I think you probably took after her a lot more than Dad."

"She was a hunter," Dean said, voice going soft at the memory of her. "I tell you that?"

"Yeah. And that she was hot," Sam said with a laugh. "She must have been pretty badass, so at least you turned into a badass chick too?"

"Too many of us running around," Dean said with a laugh that was only a little forced. "Priestly kept suggesting skirts."

"I bet you'd look cute in a skirt," Sam said, not even bothering to hide his laughing. "But you'd have to get creative with hiding all your weapons."

"Sammy, if you wanna try that, I won't stand in your way."


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