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Columbia University, Wednesday Afternoon
For the second time in his life, Sam had graduated, and he was feeling just as nervous about being done with college as he'd felt about being done with high school. Thankfully, Columbia's commencement hadn't involved any fighting besides making sure he stayed awake during all the speeches, but he'd never really gotten out of the habit of being on alert anyway. He'd sent out some invitations to folks he thought might have wanted to come and see him get his diploma, and now he had it clutched tight in his hands as he searched the crowd. It was so weird to think about being done with school, for a little while at least, and he couldn't shake the feeling that things could have turned out very differently if his dad had never sent him and Dean to Fandom.

Or hey, maybe everything would have turned out fine anyway. Who knew?

[Oh god where did these four years go? If you think you might have gotten an invite to the ceremony, then you did, and this is open for you!]

If Dean looked like he was checking out Sam's classmates, it was because he was.

1.) Because he was Dean. And some of them were hot.
2.) Because he freaking knew some of them were probably demons.

So. He had that going for him as your other overprotective brother.

Hey, only a handful of them were demons, probably. "Hey, you came," Sam said with a grin. This was definitely a perk to having multiple versions of his brother out there. "I wasn't sure if you'd want to sit through all that."


"Well, free food." A beat. "There is gonna be food, right?"

Sam laughed. "Yes, there's going to be a reception," he said. "Will you try not to hit on anyone? At least while their parents are in earshot?"

"Sam. Sammy. I can't make that promise."

"Dean," Sam whined, hoping that would have an effect, "these girls are too young for you and some of their parents have more money than God. You're gonna get arrested."

Pff. That whining only encouraged Dean.

"Yeah, like that hasn't happened before."

"Can you not get arrested on my graduation day? Like, consider it a present," Sam said.

"I can try," Dean said, shooting him a look. "What next after this?"

"Uh, that's a good question," Sam said. "If I decide to go to law school, it wouldn't start until the fall so... I was thinking about maybe spending some time back in Fandom?"

Okay, so he'd spent a lot of time thinking about it, but he didn't want to sound too serious about it in case Dean didn't like the idea.

"Might be an idea." So Dean could keep an eye out for any road trips to find father of the year John Winchester.

That was close enough to approval for Sam, and he broke into another grin. "It won't be weird for you? I can stay out of your way if it will be. I know the island's small but it's not that small."

"And you're a yeti," Dean replied. "Yeah, you won't cramp my style."

Just expect sad eyes sometimes for being alive and not evil.

Look out Dean, too many sad eyes would get you hugged.

"Just for that, I'm going to keep growing," Sam said, rolling his eyes.

"No you're not." UNLESS YOU MEAN BICEPS.

Dinah had gotten there! Dinah still didn't have a job. So it wasn't like she had as much else to do. And:


Ah, there was a voice he'd been hoping to hear. "Dinah, hey!" he said. "I'm glad you made it."

Dinah nearly tackle-hugged him, grinning hugely. "How could I not? You made it to mine! And yours isn't even in a town known for its crazy."

"...okay, you have a point there," Sam said. "Still, it's good to see you. Now we can be unemployed graduates together."

"Exactly. Hmm. Protesting on Wall Street is so 2010. We'll have to think of something else to do with our time." Dinah mock-sniffed. "Maybe creating world peace?"

"I was going to work on curing cancer, but world peace sounds so much better. Taking down one supervillain at a time?" he teased.

"Since they're not dumb enough to all attack me at once, I guess that's how it's got to be," Dinah sighed regretfully. She squeezed his shoulders. "What about you? Road trip this summer? Working cases with Dean? I know you said you'd be back in Fandom for a while..."

"Yeah, I'm still thinking about going back to Fandom," Sam said. "If Dean wants to work cases with me... I don't know, I might be kind of rusty on the whole hunting thing."

"Well, you could give Fandom time to re-traumatize you," Dinah said, only half-kidding. "'Cause you know it will."

"At least if I suddenly turn into a girl, I'll be in good company," Sam said, laughing. "It'd definitely prepare me for any hunt. Or fighting I might have to do in law school." They were so very similar, after all.

"Point!.. Okay, what kind of law are you planning on practicing, Sam?"


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